One Sentence Review: A Most Violent Year


One Sentence Review:

An immigrant is married to a strong women who differ in their opinion of how to run a business in most violent year in New York City’s history.


Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac are both excellent but I was surprised, from what I heard about this movie, that Jessica Chastain did not have a larger role in this movie. I thought this movie focused on the unsavory things Chastain’s character had to do to run the business because her husband was unable to do them. The movie actually focused on Oscar Isaac’s struggle to try to run a uncorrupt or appear to run a uncorrupt business in a corrupt city. It also focuses on the fact that in the 1980s Miss Chastain’s character, who actually ran the business, had to have her husband act as the head because at that time it wasn’t seen as the women’s place. Great acting, I love the way the film was shot because it felt like a gritty movie from the eighties but the story left me wanting learn more about Chastain’s character.