I meant to publish this yesterday but I never got a chance. Today, will be a two post day.

Today, I finally gave my ninth speech speech in the Toastmasters Competent Communication manual. It was actually the eighth project, Getting Comfortable with Visual Aids.  I’ve been meaning to complete the speech since last year. I think the last Toastmasters speech I’ve completed was in May 2014 so it feels good to get back into the habit.  This speech was titled, One Second Everday, and I’ve written about it in the past.

It went well and I happy to finally be done procrastinating on this project.  I did want to record this speech to post it on this blog but I didn’t get a chance so instead I’ve made my opening slide the feature image of this post.  I know that’s a poor substitute but I’m definitely recording my speeches in the future.

Now, I need to start preparing my next speech in the Toastmasters manual which is speech 10, Inspire Your Audience.  I already have a speech topic picked out for my 10th and final speech in the Competent Communication manual.  I’ll be speaking about the Pick Four notebook created by Seth Godin‘s Domino Project which has helped me complete a number of goals and changed my life.  At the meeting, I’ll take the Pick Four notebooks advice and distrubte the other three copies, ever order comes in a bundle of four because they are meant to share, to other members of my Toastmasters club.