My Mad Men Theory: The Draper Bunch

Everyone’s been coming up with a Mad Men theory about how the show was going to end. Last night, while talking with my wife about the show. I decided that there are really two paths for Don Draper, if Betty is going to die from cancer. Go home and be a father to his children or continue to run. I find it hard to believe he’ll completely abandon his children. I mean he’s been an absentee father but he at least checks in regularly. He’s been calling them from the road. I’m not saying he’s the picture of a perfect father but he’s still in contact with his kids. Would he really leave them without their mother to watch over them? I find that hard to believe. Which is why I have a kind of crazy, outlandish theory of where Don and his children are going to go.

I think Don finds out about Betty’s disease maybe next week’s episode is at Betty’s funeral. Don comes home to take care of the kids but Don doesn’t want to stay in New York. Don figures out there is something still missing in his life and that thing is Joan. Don confesses his love to Joan and the two of them along with their kids decide to move to Don’s promised land, California. Where he eventually writes a memoir about his life, eventual happiness with Joan, there four kids in one great big family? That eventually inspires the hit show, The Brady Bunch.

That would work if the Brady Bunch didn’t already start in 1969.  Currently, Mad Men is set in 1971. I’ll have to find another funny ending. The current time line of events that happened in 1971 are interesting but nothing stands out.

There is the Apollo 14 and 15 shuttle launches. Charles Manson is convicted. There are a lot of protests about the Vietnam war. Attica riots. Vietnam draw down. Disney World opens. Amtrak starts offering state to state service. The US stops using the gold standard.

I’m referring to the following link for events from 1971.

Here is the one everyone is talking about:

November 24 – During a severe thunderstorm over Washington, a man calling himself D. B. Cooper parachutes from the Northwest Orient Airlines plane he hijacked, with US$200,000 in ransom money, and is never seen again.

It seems compelling to do an entire show based on the idea of a man disappearing. I find it hard to believe that Don Draper is D B Cooper but like Meredith Blake talked about in a recent recap, I could have believed that Don is loosely based on this story. Now with Betty having terminal cancer, I can’t believe that Don would disappear from his kids. Also, he doesn’t need or even want the money, he left McCann Erickson and gave up a few million dollars.

Who knows how this show ends? I think they still need to explain what happens to Don, Rodger, and Peggy. I can’t believe we won’t see moments of Don with his kids. I guess Joan and Pete’s story lines have ended. Will they not appear in the final episodes? I can believe they won’t. I’d like to think that the final episode will focus mainly on the shows two main characters Don & Peggy, but I can’t believe we won’t here from the other characters in the final hour because it seems like so much needs to be covered. I can’t see how they’ll do it but I’m sure it live up to previous season finales.

My Favorite Theory

One of my favorite theories that I’ve had for the past year. I don’t know exactly happens maybe he dies, maybe he comes to terms and is at peace with his decisions in life, or maybe he runs away again, but the scene will go black afterwards and then we’ll get a close up shot straight on Don’s face.  You’ll hear a voice saying, “Hey Buddy, I’m meeting someone.  I need to checkout and get out of here.”  The camera turns so we see a younger Roger Sterling standing behind the counter, which is a scene from the Waldorf Stories episode when Roger first meets Don Draper and buys a fur coat for Joan Holloway. Don hands Roger the box and Roger walks out the door, the scene fads to black, and the show is over.

The whole series was Don thinking what life would be like if he was in Roger Sterling’s shoes in that very moment when those two meet in the fur shop.  I’d like to think that Don would realize that Roger’s life wasn’t what it seemed to be.  He’d give up his pursuit of making it on Madison Avenue, give up his fake name, and head to California to live the life he always wanted.