Accidental Genius: Secret #4 Write the Way You Think – Try This

I’m reading Mark Levy’s, Accidental Genius, which I’ll write a complete review once I’m finished but I’m only four chapters into the book and it’s already kind of life changing, or maybe life reaffirming is a better phrase to use.  In his Secret #4 he suggests writing with a timer. He says, think about a product you’ve heard about in the last 72 hours and try writing everything you can in the next 5 minutes. If you can read what you just wrote to someone and they understand what you’re trying to say than you are spending way too much time thinking about what you are writing and you need to write faster. He said to try it as an exercise so here it goes.

I couldn’t think of a new product I’ve heard about in the past 72 hours so I just decided to write about the Apple Watch. It’s better than wasting time finding a new product to write about.  Okay, 5 minutes. Go!

Okay. I’ve heard about the apple watch and apple thinks it’s the greatest thing to happen to wearables ever and maybe it is. But I need to know whether I can use one or even want one. Predictions and reasons for the apple watch are positive and negative some people love it and others hate it. Sales predictions are crazy. The one thing I think everyone can agree on is that the commercials are amazing. Classic apple and everything you kind of love about their products. They make me want an apple watch yesterday. So cool. Like too cool for school.

But one of my main issues is that I could only possibly convince myself to buy this watch to use it for running. That’s really my only justification. But the problem is that they don’t have a gps. It looks like you could put it into airplane mode and it does a decent job of calculating your distance, pace, and heart rate but does it do it consistently for you entire run. That my main questions. How could I find out? I don’t know.


That’s five minutes of nonstop writing about the apple watch. It’s not as many words as I would have thought I could have written but this is what I got. At first glance is that I failed this task.  I think these two paragraphs are way to readable and I wasn’t writing nearly fast enough.  I was writing this on my iPhone 5 while standing on the trolley on my way home from work so maybe that affected my performance.  I’m going to show it to my wife to see if she can understand it but I need to try this exercise again and force myself to go faster. Next time.