Storyboarding: One Second

A few weeks ago, I wrote about setting up a weekly blog series around my process of creating a new speech every month.

Week 1: Discuss the new speech topic and answer a few key questions.
Week 2: Create a first rough draft.
Week 3: Storyboard the presentation.
Week 4: Finalize the speech and presentation.

My hope is that this process will allow me to get in the regular habit of creating new material and practicing my speech so I can begin moving through the toastmasters certifIcate. I’ve been stuck on in my current speech ever since I changed jobs. 

A year ago, I was running through my speeches but I’ve been stuck on this project for some time and I need to move on. That’s my hope with this plan. That I’ll be able to give a new speech sometime in May and proceed to give a new speech every month.

Here is a picture of a rough draft of my first storyboard about my upcoming speech that I’ll present next week. Enjoy.