New Pick Four Program: Cinco De Mayo Edition

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with Cinco De Mayo other than the fact that it was created on May 5.  It’s about the following:

Yesterday, I started a new Pick Four program. I didn’t go through the typical pick four process. Instead decided to write down the four areas of my life I’ve thinking about and match my current goals I’ve been working on to match one of those areas. Since my last Pick Four notebook, I’ve accumulated a few different goals but I’ve been working on periodically. I want to write them down and really concentrate on them for the next twelve weeks. That’s why I decided to just start a new notebook for my current goals to give them some structure. Here are the four areas I’ve been thinking about:

  1. Money
  2. Art
  3. Health
  4. Career

After writing out those many areas of my life that I feel are important and also areas I feel I need to improve. I found that my current goals fit pretty well into each of those categories. Here are my new Pick Four goals I’ll be working for the next twelve weeks. The deadline is July 25, 2015.

Goal 1: Make enough money to cover our expenses and live a comfortable life.

My wife left her job almost 9 months ago, since that time we’ve been making it work financially but money has been tighter than we both would like it to be. This is the one goal that I’ll write a little differently in my own notebook. I’ll actually list the dollar amount I want to make to help me focus on achieving my goal but I don’t think it’s necessary to post that figure in this blog post. I’ll calculate this number by setting up our ideal budget all to include all our expenses and our desired amount of discretionary income. I’ll also look at our current expenses I see what we can reduce to help lower the amount we need to make to cover the total expenses. After coming up the goal amount, then I can focus on how to achieve that goal by both increasing out total income and cutting our current expenses.

Goal 2: Write a daily blog post by writing 750 words every morning within 30 minutes.

I’ve been writing a daily blog post for five months. Now I want to start improving my writing and my system for creating new material and to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a new post. That’s why I’m going back to 750 words every morning but my goal is to complete 750 words within 30 minutes. One of the reasons I gave up 750 words is because I found myself spending too much time trying to complete my words every day. I’m hoping this goal will allow me to complete a quick rough draft first thing in the morning, edit the draft throughout the day, and then schedule the post to be published at 6 AM the following morning.

Goal 3: Complete 90 days of movement.

– I work out regularly but I’ve been meaning to complete a goal of 90 Days of Movement. I just finished goal of running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon as a Charity Runner in honor of my father. Now I want to get into better all around shape which is why want to create the habit to Move(&Sweat) everyday. My goal is to Move(&Sweat) during every day of the Pick Four program. I’ll be following the 90 Days of Action plan by Neil Rey on

Goal 4: Become a data scientist.

For the past few months, I’ve studying data science to learn more about the growing field, how my skills would translate, and what else I’d need to learn if I wanted to enter the field. That’s lead me to writing weekly Must Love Data Mondays’ blog series and enrolling in the John Hopkins Data Science Specialization offered through Coursera. I think my current background in data analytics and technology would help me to move into this fast growing field. That’s my final goal, to become a data scientist by July. I’m not saying I need to land a job with a title of data scientist but I want to be creating projects and building a trail in data science by the end of this Pick Four Program in July. I want my Trail to speak for me and then maybe that will lead to other opportunities.