Why I Draw My Business Cards?

I’ve attended a few local meetups and study events like startup weekend.  Everyone asks for your business card.  I’ve been reluctant to buy business cards because for two reasons. The first reason is I don’t really know what to put on them. I don’t have business cards at my current job so I’d have to make them myself. Then I need to decide what job title I should use, and both my former and current titles are confusing. In my former job, I was a Performance & Risk Analyst which is another way to describe a Quant Analyst. In my current role, I’m a Financial Manager but I’m not actually managing anyone, which may win the most nondescript and confusing title I’ve ever received. The other reason, I don’t care to have a cookie cutter business card like everyone else. There is only one business card I really like and they are the Gaping Void’s brand on Moo. They are awesome but then I’ll still stuck trying to describe myself with one or two words. My problem is that I feel like I’m not one of your straight arrow descriptions like designer, marketer, or programmer. I’m also not interested in using some overused startup buzz description  like troublemaker, change agent, or something using the word ninja.

That’s why I’m thinking about drawing my own business cards. The gaping void encourages you to create your own art so why don’t I create my own cards. What’s the worst that can happen? People won’t like them. I don’t think I need to draw pictures like the gaping void. I just want to give connections the ability to find out the important information about me and the kind of work I’m interested in completing. That’s why I was only going to put Twitter handle or website url on the card. This gives them something different they can easily search to find out all the relevant information about what I do and let’s my work speak for me.

I’ve been to a few events but I haven’t seen anyone drawing their own cards. Though I can’t imagine I’m the only person with this thought. It doesn’t matter if I do find someone else because I already know the gaping void turned this into a movement. The key point is that my cards will be my own art and maybe they’ll suck but they won’t ever get better without doing them poorly at first.