$&@! Cable

Sometime last year, my wife and I decided to cancel a bundle cable package. We stuck with Internet and decided to get our TV from another source. We ended up sticking with cable partially because we still buy the basic channels (CBS, ABC, FOX, & NBC) for $8/month because they threw in free HBO for a year. It’s not a bad deal with the free HBO if they let me stay with that deal then I’ll probably stick with it. If not, I’m looking forward to the expected Apple TV package that’s thought to be coming in the Fall.  I can’t stand the main cable companies in my area and I’m interested in any possible alternatives.

Surprisingly, my wife and I haven’t even missed our old cable packages. The things I did want to watch I can you find other ways or just not watch them. HBO & Netflix have been a pretty good replacement. I miss a few sports games and I find it surprising how it’s nearly impossible to watch baseball games without cable or the MLB’s expensive streaming service.

Other than that, I’m happy with the decision to cut the cord.