Are You an Entrepreneur or a Freelancer?

Seth Godin has created a few great courses and podcasts on Entrepreneurship. One of his main questions is, “Are You an Entrepreneur or a Freelancer?” It’s usually the first question he asks and he says that you need to decide right now whether you want to freelance or be an entrepreneur. Are you the person who would rather create art (freelancer) or do you want to start a business that scales (entrepreneur)? Think about it this way, if you can leave your business and it keeps running without missing a beat than your an entrepreneur. If your business would fall apart because you create all the work people pay for than you’re a freelancer. Seth is a freelancer, his goal is to create art and ship his work. You can try to do both but you’ll be unhappy in the long run.

Currently, Udemy is running a Seth Godin course about freelancing. There is a large discount until 4/30. These courses have me thinking about if I’m a freelancer or an entrepreneur. It’s a question I’m looking to answer this week.

Are you a freelancer or an entrepreneur?