6 Things I’ve Learned About Relationships

This past week, my wife & I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary. It got me thinking about what I’ve learned over that time. Here’s a lesson for each year:

  1. Be Flexible: You may not be able to spend your entire day at the basketball court or all night drinking with your buddies. You have responsibilities but you need to decide beforehand what’s important to you. If your not ready to do some of your bachelor life activities a little less than you’re used to then you should hold off on your decision because otherwise you’ll just end up resenting your partner. If your flexible, you’ll still be able to make time to do the things you love. There just maybe times when you can’t do everything you want the moment you want it.
  2. Hold on Tight: Life doesn’t go as expected. It will send you so high to the point where you think you’ll never know sadness and then it will punch you in the gut sending you screaming back to earth.
  3. Embrace Your Moments: This isn’t embrace the moment. It’s embrace your moments. Figure out what’s important to you and go do that everyday. But when you’re doing the things that are truly important remember to embrace them. Love in those moments. Playing with my kids, talking with my wife, reading, writing, and working out are the things I live for. My goal is to each of them everyday.
  4. No Excuses: Because nobody cares about your excuses. It easy when you have other responsibilities like your marriage, kids, and a house to make and excuse about why you can’t achieve your goals or dream. I know a lot of people like this. People that use the, “only if,” statement. Only if I was a little taller, I could have played in the NBA. Only if I majored in Computer Science, then I could create my own app or website. Only if I had X amount of dollars, the. I’d start my own business. It’s easy to use the only ifs, it’s even easier to hide behind it. Accept the fact that the only excuse you have is that you didn’t try hard enough. It’s not your spouse or kids fault, if you think that, sorry, it’s a poor excuse. Be flexible and figure out how to achieve your goals regardless of your situation because if you don’t, the fault will be your own.
  5. Know When to Fold Them: Relationships are similar to a game of black jack. There are a lot of situation with many different types of people. You need to know when to stick and when to fold, especially in the many arguments you’ll have together. It’s important to stick up for yourself when you know you’re right but it’s even more important to know when to apologize when you’re wrong. People don’t like to admit when they’re wrong. Learn to accept that you don’t know everything and you’ll do many dumb things in life so be able to have the guts to admit when you screwed up.
  6. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: You only live once, don’t spend this amazing opportunity with your doors shut. This is one of my biggest goals for raising our kids. I want them to never be afraid to dance.

Maybe I’ll start updating this post after every anniversary with a new lesson.

* Written on my iPhone while holding my little girl .