A Few Pittsburgh Pirates Predictions

I’m a homer so take this with a grain of salt. There was no statistical analysis done. This is purely my gut feeling.

  • Overall Record: 91-71
  • Alvarez hits 30+ HRs.
  • The Pirates send five players to the All-Star Game: McCutchen, Marte, Alvarez, Liriano, Hughes.
  • Cirivelli plays a whole season and is easily the best offseason transaction.
  • Polanco is up and down until after the break but then has a huge Marte-like end of the year.
  • Kang struggles in his first year of MLB. He’ll show some power and ability to play multiple positions but will struggle with consistency for most of the year. It will be hard for him to live up to the hype this year. Fans will slam the transaction and his $11 mm contract but I think he’ll be a major contributor in 2016.
  • Burnett gives the Pirates 200+ quality innings which was the reason they signed him.
  • Cole has strong full season but is still not the ace people hope.
  • The Pirates finally ante up and sign a major contributor at the deadline. My bets on Johnny Cueto when the Reds are officially out of the playoff picture. The addition of Cueto gives the Pirates a rotation that can revival almost any team. One they’ll need if they have to battle any of the major teams like the Nationals.
  • They’ll end up tieing the St Louis Cardinals for first place which sends them both into a one game playoff for the division which the Pirates lose.
  • In the NL Wild Card Game, the Pirates will face the Chicago Cubs at PNC Park. That the Pirates will win with Johnny Cueto as the starting pitcher.
  • In the NLDS, the Pirates will face the St Louis Cardinals which will last 6 games with Pirates winning at PNC Park.
  • The Pirates will finally be defeated by the Washington Nationals in the NLCS in 7 games.
  • Hurdle is up for Coach of the Year but doesn’t win. It will go to the Chicago Cubs manager for taking their team to the NL Wild Card Game.
  • Marte gets some MVP votes.
  • McCutchen has another MVP caliber year.