Must Love Data Mondays: A Few Articles & Links

Last week, I completed the second week of the Johns Hopkins’ The Data Scientists’ Toolbox on Coursera.  Updated my GitHub account, learned about Markdown, and downloaded some packages to Rstudio.

I also tried to read a few good articles about Data Science.  One of the best sources I found this week was, Data Elixir, a weekly collection of news, resources, and inspirations from around the web.  Every week a new issue is delivered to your inbox.  This was my first week receiving Data Elixir and all of the articles I’m posting come from this source.


  1. Reddit “Ask Me Anything” with Andrew Ng and Adam Coates
  2. Customer Data: Designing for Transparency and Trust
  3. 8 Possible Alternatives To The Turing Test
  4. The data science ecosystem, part 3: Data applications
  5. Recommending Music on Spotify with Deep Learning

Data Resources

A major question of mine about data science, is how do I find the data I’m looking for online?  My next question is why is this data not publicly available?  Here are two good sources from this week’s Data Elixir issue.