Reasons You Should Join Toastmasters

  1. It will help you satisfy third key of success by improving your skills to export information.
  2. Help build your network.
  3. Gain leadership experience.
  4. Event planning.
  5. Impromptu speaking.
  6. Increase your vocabulary with the Word of the Day.
  7. Become a better writer.
  8. Improve your critically thinking.
  9. Learn to give positive criticism.
  10. Learn in a friendly environment.
  11. Challenge yourself against others.
  12. Learn to take feedback.
  13. Mentorship.
  14. Something to do during lunch.
  15. Learn to clap a lot.
  16. Be more out going.
  17. Get outside of your comfort zone.
  18. Gain confidence at work.
  19. Be inspired.
  20. Give back.
  21. Get a certificate.
  22. Be able to put some initials after your name.
  23. Help a community.
  24. Strengthen your business.
  25. Become the person you want to be.
  26. If you think it’s strange, I have news for you, you’re also strange and that’s why you showed up to a Toastmasters meeting.
  27. Learn to appreciate too much pomp & circumstance.
  28. Talk about your life.
  29. Learn to convince people.
  30. Inspire.
  31. Motivate.
  32. Teach.
  33. Improve.
  34. Learn to use visual aids.
  35. Properly structure a speech.
  36. Cut down on your ‘Italian hands’.
  37. Quite saying ah,
  38. Um, 
  39. Oh, or
  40. Double words.
  41. How to create an effective them.
  42. Why you shouldn’t clutch the podium like your life depends on it.
  43. You can recite poetry or
  44. a short story or
  45. a passage of your favorite book or
  46. a children’s book or
  47. a song.
  48. Learn to be funny.
  49. You get to fail without any consequences.
  50. Finally become distinguished in something.
  51. And someday you might be able to get in front of a crowd & kill it.