Expand on the 3 Keys to Success

Elaborate on the three keys to success I wrote about on last Saturday: Input, Analyze, Export.

Last week, I wrote about the three keys to  a successful career. Today, I wanted to elaborate on those three ideas.


Input is the process of gathering information and knowledge. It’s more than just studying, it’s about the using all five of your senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, touch. You need to use all your available senses to gather as much information about a topic as possible. You may not need to use all of your senses but it’s important to use as many as possible.

Another key aspect to input is how you gather your information. It’s not just about reading or listening but it’s about how you gather your information whether it be from books, videos, mp3s, Google, or some other type of technology.

The key is to gather this information in a timely and efficient manner. But then what do you do with it after you input.


The second key to success is being able to analyze the information you gathered and be able to make decisions, assumption, or ideas based on that information.

There are A few questions you need to ask yourself when analyzing your input.

  1. Why am I inputting this information?
  2. What will I need this information for?
  3. How can I use this information?
  4. When could I possibly use this information?
  5. Where will this information be useful?

Then figure out your next actions for the information.

This process can have a huge difference in available process time whether it’s an impromptu question during a meeting or planning your long term goals. It really doesn’t matter the time frame because you still need to be able to doing the same tasks.


There is a catch for the third rule for success. This rule has the potential to be the most profitable for you career. A lot of people are great at gathering and analyzing information but many people hate having to be the person to talk about their ideas. Whether it’s completing a presentation in front of your peers, speaking up in a meeting, or writing anything that will be seen by other people.

Even in an age that seems like everyone is publishing something about their lives, many people are taking the time to think constructively about what they’re exporting.

Think about what your producing and how you can improve at it.

Put them together

The goal is being able to put all of these together. If you can combine these three keys and be able to confidently complete them, then you easily find success in what ever you do. Employers are always looking for people who understand how to gather data efficiently, analyze the data to turn it information for others, and then export that information by either giving a presentation, giving an impromptu speech at a meeting, or just making decisions about your next action.