Dinner & Drinks at Azul Bar Y Cantina

Two weeks ago, I wound up at Azul Bar Y Cantina when my wife and I met our friends, who recently bought a house in Sewickley. Azul Bar Y Cantina is located down the street from Sewickley in Leetsdale, PA a neighborhood that made me feel at home with it’s almost city like feel. The area felt more like going to Salt of the Earth than a restaurant near Sewickley. The parking lot is even the similar to Salt. The interior is a pleasantly suprising Cal-Mex atmosphere, which was popularized by Mad Mex, a nice long bar and a about 15 tables.

The four of us had the basics house margaritas, homemade gaucamole, burritos, tacos, and echaladas. Everything was very good but the gaucamole was the standout. It was excellent and it would be a big reason why I’d go back. 

The service could have been a little better. I used to wait tables and tend bar so I rarely criticize the service but I don’t think I received a water refill during our whole meal. I’d guess it was an anominally. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go eat here but if I found myself around Sewickley visiting our friends I would definitley eat there again.