How to complete one speech a month?

Today, I’m thinking about how to complete one speech a month.  I’ve been writing daily blog posts but now I want to start the process of building a speech every month and presenting it somewhere.

Where can I speak regularly?

  • Toastmasters
  • Meetups

As important as it is to present, my bigger issue is to come up with a plan to write speeches.  I want to incorporate my speech preparation into my weekly blog schedule.  My question is how would I do it, If I want to write a speech a month?

The goal is to go from nothing to a complete speech in 4 weeks of blog posts.

  • Week 1: Outline of the topic and my goals
  • Week 2: Rough Draft of the speech
  • Week 3: Storyboard my speech (I’m debating if I want to do this if I’m not creating a slide deck but its a good exercise to create one for every speech if only to practice.)
  • Week 4: Record my practice speech and review it.

If  I could do this every month, I’ll be able to create twelve prepared speeches a year.  Then I’ll just need to find venues to present each month.

My speech topic/goal for this month will be to complete a speech I’ve been dragging my feet on for sometime.  The Toastmasters Competent Communication manual Speech 8: Getting Comfortable with Visual Aids.  I’ve written a rough draft that I posted on this blog a few weeks ago.  By next week, I need to storyboard the presentation to create a slide deck which I’ll post on this blog.  In two weeks from today, I’ll record my practice speech and post it to this blog. After completing the process, I’ll find a venue and present the speech the following month.

My main goal by completing a year of speeches is that I want to speak at a TEDx event next year.

This year is all about creating and shipping.