I’m not creative

A few years ago, this is how I used to feel about myself. Brene Brown talks about this inadequacy in her great audiobook, “The Art of Vulnerability.” Brene talks about how the, “I’m not creative,” is a bogus statement. Everyone is creative but many people choose not to express their creativity.

Every kid loves to art. As a kid, I used to spend hours drawing. Everywhere I went, I’d have my notebook and pencil with me. My drawings weren’t great. They were really a bunch of battle scenes scribbled on paper that I would try to animate with my own sound effects. It must have been something to watch.

Eventually, I quite.  I quite because I was told that I wasn’t good at art. Ever since I considered myself not creative. I think this drastically effected the rest of my life.

It’s taken me almost twenty years to realize I needed to get back to creating art and that I am creative.

Now I’m trying to create my form of art on a daily basis. It may not be any better than those scribbled battle scenes in my childhood notebooks, but it’s mine and the only way it will get better is by creating more art.