End of an Era

Last night, was the premier of the final season of Mad Men on AMC, which is one of my wife and I’s favorite shows of all time. After the success of the Breaking Bad final season split, AMC decided to do the same with Mad Men and split the final seventh season into two parts.  Last night was the premier of Part 2 which I have not yet seen because my wife and I were celebrating Easter with family and friends.

Thinking about the Mad Men finale made me start thinking about the way events and completely change your life, how you can go from a relative unknown into one of the most popular actors out there, and how this show has run through some of the most formative years of my life.

Mad Men started in July 2007 which was right after I graduated college.  In that time frame, I’ve worked for married my girlfriend, had kids, my father died, and worked for three different companies. There have been a number of ups and downs but many of the best years of my life have happened in this time frame.

Jon Hamm has really had a heck of a run during that time frame.  He’s famously gone from a High School English teacher to one of the most famous and iconic characters on TV.  He’s been nominated for many awards, acted in Academy Award winning movies, and hosted Saturday Night Live.  Needless to say, Jon Hamm has had a heck of a run.  I think his success is a good example for anyone interested in doing the things they love.  Jon could have stayed in his comfortable english teaching job and many people wouldn’t have blamed him but he wanted to act so he took his shot.  Where would this show be without him?

It’s a great example of someone showing everyday and shipping there work.  It’s would have been easy to get discouraged. Your in your mid-30s and you’ve had work but nothings seen as being really successful, now what do you do?   Then you land Mad Men and completely kill it.  Now everyones wondering where this great actor came from.

It’s not like it was he first day.  He’s been doing this for years.

Commit, Ship, Repeat.