Must Love Data Mondays: Don’t Hesitate

Last week, I talked about how it’s easy to get stuck when you look at all the requirements of Data Science. It’s easy to get lost in any one subject when your worrying about all the prerequisites and software requirements. This happened me when I was studying for the CFA exam because of the amount of material. It’s easy to get bogged down in a subject.

I’d get all engrossed in a topic and try to make sure I knew it instead focusing on actually getting through all the material.  I would make goals to complete a section in one week and then find myself, three weeks later, still trying to slug my way through that section.  That’s a motivation killer and probably one of the main reasons there are not more data scientists.

I could spend years reviewing the math and statistics needed to be a data scientist but then I’d never actually do any data science. That’s why I’m going to continue working on my math and stats review but I don’t want it to consume all of my time.

I need to jump right in and see what I know and don’t know.  That’s why I’m signing up for Coursera’s, “The Data Scientist’s Toolbox,” taught Johns Hopkins. I think I’m going to take a combine a number of Coursera and Udacity course along with recommendations through the Open Source Data Science Masters, but I need to start somewhere and Johns Hopkins is a good place to start on April 6, 2015.