Fifth Pick Four Recap

Today, I want to look back at my last Pick Four program which ended a few weeks ago.  To recap what I accomplished and then things I still need to work on. I thought this was another productive Pick Four Program but I didn’t achieve all my goals due to my wife and I having out second child and other commitments.

Goal 1: Increase my monthly income.

I got a small raise at my job but I was unable to get anything substantial going in the form of freelance or side hustle.  Going forward, I’m taking a break from the Pick Four program and this is going to be my main focus.  I’ve come up with a figure I want to hit and my focus is figuring out how to make it happen whether it’s through a promotion at my job, side hustle, or cutting current expenses.

Goal 2:  Pay off a specific amount of debt.  I’ve come up with a plan but I haven’t implemented it.  This has really turned into a daily finances goal. I want a life goal of being debt free.

Goal 3: Sign up as a Pittsburgh Half Marathon Charity Runner for the American Heart Association in honor of my father.

I signed up as a charity runner in December and in a few days I raised almost $900 for the American Heart Association which easily exceeded the $400 minimum.  Currently I’ve raised almost $1,000 and I’m continuing to work to raise the remaining $1,000 by May 2nd.

Goal 4: Publish a daily blog post for the entire Pick Four program.

This was my most successful goal.  For three months, I published a blog post a day and I’ve even stuck with it after the program.  By the end of March, I’ll have completed four months of blog posts.  This has been the most I’ve ever written on a consistent basis and it feels great.

Though I didn’t complete all of my goals, I still completed much more than I would have without defining them in the Pick Four program.   Now I need to rethink about what’s important to me and go achieve it.