It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

talk about the first round of the NCAA tournament, going to the tourney with dad and how it kind of makes me sad now, Bobby no & Cinderella.

We’re coming towards the end of March and we’re already a week into one of my favorite sporting events, NCAA Tournament. It’s not just the one time of year that my alma mater, Bobby Mo, was on national TV. It’s really the first weekend that’s the best. It’s David vs Goliath and sometimes David actually wins, like last weekend when two small No. 14 seeds knocking off a No. 3 seeds. Now usually Goliath eventually wins the entire tournament. I don’t know if any school lower than a 6 seed has ever one the whole tournament. But the first weekend is where the magic happens.

I’ve been lucky to go to the NCAA tournament three times with my father:

1997: First Round in Pittsburgh where I watched No. 15 Coppin State defeat No. 2 South Carolina, which was only the third time it ever happened.

2002: My senior year of high school, we went to the Sweet Sixteen at Rupp Arena in Kentucky where I  watched No. 5 Indiana knock off the Jason Williams lead No. 1 seed Duke.

2003: The Sweet Sixteen at the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY where my cousin was living at the time. My dad, a group of my cousin’s friends, and I  sat about three rows off the court to watch Carmelo Anthony and the Syracuse Orangemen dismantle both teams on their way to the Final Four and eventually the Nation Championship.

I went with my father to all three of these events and there a great time if you loved basketball like we did.  He passed away in 2012 and it’s kind of amazing to think that we didn’t go to another tournament after 2003.  We always talked about going to another event and especially a Final Four but we kept putting it off.

It’s why I was feeling a little sad last week when there was another first round at Consol Arena in Pittsburgh and that there were tickets still available.  Without my father, I don’t really have anyone to go with.  My friends aren’t big basketball fans.  While my kids are still too you but I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll talk both of them and spend the day watching and talking about basketball, like my father & I.