I love taking pictures.

I love capturing memories.

I love to look at those pictures and think about what I was doing, who I was with, and how it felt. One of the best feelings is capturing the perfect picture. A picture that captures the moment.

I’ve been taking pictures since I was a little kid with a crappy disposable camera that needed to be wound to take the next shot. Then you had to drop the film off at the store and wait a few days to get it developed. Only to find out that 15 of the 25 pictures were awful.

Now you have unlimited opportunities to take as many photos as your camera’s memory card or iPhone will hold and they’re available instantly.

Today, I can take a nearly endless amount of pictures. Professional grade cameras are available for a fraction of the price. I even have an amazing camera, which is smaller than my wallet, in the iPhone.

Similar to photography, I’ve been given the tools to create almost anything I want whether it’s a book, movie, or business. There are no excuses to not achieve my goals.

I have the power, all I need to do is the work.