One Sentence Review: Foxcatcher

One Sentence Review:

A true story of two brothers, who are Olympic gold medalists in wrestling, and a multimillionaire who lures them to Foxcatcher Farms with the promise of money, fame, and Olympic Gold, all in an effort to inflate his own ego.


This film is a dark, strange, and almost too creepy.  I found parts of the movie a bit confusing but the acting was why this movie was nominated. It’s not surprising Rufalo was nominated because it feels like he’s nominated for everything he’s in.  But Carell nails the eccentric, dillusional multimillionaire.  You’ll see Carell as you’ve never seen him before.  Also it’s easily Channing Tatum’s best movie but I don’tt think the Academy wanted to nominate the whole cast.

Here’s the original documentary that appears multiple times in the film. After watching this video, I felt like Carell nails his character in the movie.
John E du Pont Video Foxcatcher Farm – 1988

Thank you to Lisa for finding the original documentary.