Learning to Hustle

A lot of people seem to be talking about hustling. Gary Vaynerchuk has built an empire out of it. What is the hustle and how can I start concentrating on doing more of it?

I recently read A Hustler’s Mentality by Gary Vaynerchuk.  Gary talks about pouring every ounce of your day into your work.  He’s talking about 15 hour days, not having free time to do almost anything else, and ignoring a lot of the people you care about.

During my typical day, I put in about an hour or two in the morning on the side hustle, 8 hours at my regular job, around an hour during my lunch break, and then maybe an hour at night, which means I’m working roughly 11-13 hours a day.  Extending it any longer is a stretch, maybe I could add another hour in the morning or at night but I have young kids at home and they’re my number one priority. I don’t do any work not necessary to keep my regular job until they got to bed.

If I tried to add two more hours, it’s possible, but is it worth it?

Maybe I’m just not cut out to hustle.