The Apple TV I Want

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal broke the story, that many people should have been able to guess since Sling & Sony Vue became a reality, about how Apple will announce a TV subscription service in June, probably WWDC, and the service will be available in the Fall 2015. The WSJ said the service would include FOX, ABC, & CBS. NBC & Apple were reportedly working on a deal but Apple felt NBC was stringing them along. Today, I read on the Verge that NBC will be bringing an app to Apple TV but you’ll need a cable subscription to access it. They’re clearly in denial of the inevitable demise of pay TV. 

The story about Apple’s subscription service made me start to think about what I wanted in an online TV subscription service. I think Sling is a good start by offering a base package of 20 channels for $20. I think they offer a great channel lineup which includes ESPN, Disney, CNN, AMC, and a number of other channels. My own only preference would be to have the main basic channels included in that lineup. 

The Sony Vue has more channels, around 75, but they have the basics  including FOX, CBS, & NBC. What they don’t have is the ABC family which includes ESPN and Disney, which is a deal breaker for me.

We know Apple will have CBS, ABC, & FOX. It’s assumed ABC will bring along it’s two big friends in ESPN & DISNEY. Does FOX bring FX & FXX, what about FOX News? CNN seems to be a staple to all the services. Then the only other channels I’d want is my local sports channel ROOT, AMC, & maybe CNBC which is highly unlikely without NBC onboard. What about premium channels like HBO and Showtime? Can you add on to the base package with other premium channels or sports packages? Will HBO NOW be integrated into the service?

Other questions:

  • Will there be a DVR feature like Sony Vue?
  • Design, how about a new, improved Apple TV?
  • An Apple TV  show App Store?
  • Can all the services on your Apple TV be integrated into the TV Guide feature to make it easier