Writing Through Writer’s Block

In the beginning, I started writing after I complained to my wife about feeling like my writing skills were deteriorating because I wasn’t doing much writing other than emails and brief analysis since college. She eventually bought me my first journal and encouraged me to write. 

I started writing more frequently after I read a post by Seth Godin titled, “Talker’s Block.”   Explaining how there was never a word for writer’s block until around the 19th Century.

Writer’s Block was one of my main problems because I didn’t feel like I had anything important or interesting to say. Over time it’s gotten better. You don’t write a blog post a day, even a garbage blog post, if you’re letting writer’s block beat you into silence.

The truth is when I started I never had any ideas when I would sit down to write. It was easy to give up and it’s difficult getting anything done if your spending the short amount of time you have on thinking about what to write.

Then I read one of the best pieces of advice, which is also kind of obvious, from a former White House Speechwriter who was starting a company called, West Wing Writers. Towards the end of the interview he was asked about how he gets through Writer’s Block. He said whenever he gets stuck he simple just starts writing about anything. He just writes through it and eventually he breaks through his short-term block.

This little piece of advice changed the way I write. 

Now I’ve accumulated a lot of ideas for blog posts but there are always days, like today, when I either don’t have them in front of me or they don’t seem to be quite right. I realized this morning I was stuck so I started following the advice of writing through the block and now I’m almost done with today’s post. 

This mental trick comes in handy in a lot of other areas of my life whenever I’m having trouble starting something I need to complete. If I don’t want to workout, I promise myself that I’ll just do a little and then I can usually convince myself to do a little more because I’m already doing it. Before long, I usually complete my whole workout. It’s no different with any project I’m working on at home or work, programming, or cleaning the house.

Starting is the hardest part. 

Doing a little usually leads to a lot.

Write through your blocks.