Give Me a GPS, Apple

Like everyone else who has paid any attention to the news, I’ve heard about Apple’s latest product, Apple Watch. Similar to most popular topics, people have been polarized to one side or the other. You either love or hate the Apple Watch with its crazy sales projections (41 million watches?). Big surprise, people are getting all excited about a new product from Apple.

I won’t be buying an Apple Watch and the answer is simple, no GPS. I know the iWatch, which is what I like to call it, can access GPS data from your iPhone but I don’t want to bring my Apple Watch, phone, and iPod shuffle on my daily run. I just want to replace my clunky Garmin Forerunner with an interface of a 95 Windows machine. The interface is awful but I still shelled out a few hundred bucks because it’s the only option to give me accurate distance and pace readings in real-time. I’m a runner and a GPS watch is almost essential if your serious about training for a marathon.

If Apple put a GPS inside the Apple Watch then almost every runner would preordering the Sport edition. I’m not even saying Apple needs to include maps, directions, or music, though those would be nice. A standalone GPS in the device is a deal breaker for me and I imagine for most people who run. I think all the other features are nice but I don’t need any of them. I need a replacement option for my Garmin Forerunner and I’ll be willing to buy any watch that satisfies the above requirement.