Aristotle Was Wrong

But does anyone really care?

Aristotle thought the sun revolved around the earth but he’s still considered one of the greatest philosophers.

If he got some things wrong, then why is he still considered as one of the greats?

He’s considered to be great because when you’re in the arena.  You’re going to get beat up and get some things wrong. Your predictions or work may not prove to be correct.  Your startup may fail, product won’t sell, or story won’t connect, but does that mean you should quit?

For the most part, people care about the body of your work.  You’re going to fail, sometimes.  That’s why people care about Aristotle.  He got some things wrong, but he wouldn’t have given us Physics, Metaphysics, Nicomachean Ethics, Politics, On the Soul and Poetics, if he would have worried about being wrong or being criticized.

So quit worrying about being wrong.  It happens when you step into the arena.

Aristotle got things wrong, so will you.