Career Advice

Today, I’m talking about career advice because I was asked by someone about to graduate from college about their potential job prospects and search.  It made me think about my first job search when I was graduating from college.

It was 2007, I had no experience, no internships, connections, and I didn’t go to a top school but I still ended receiving a full-time job at a large corporation performing financial analysis because my graduation.  They actually had me working part-time before I graduated.

The only reason this happened is because I worked my butt off during my job search.  I sent out a hundred resumes, went to a number of career fairs, read everything a could about resumes & cover letters, and practiced interview questions until I knew them cold.

I didn’t receive many responses for interviews but at the time I didn’t realize that I should have been networking instead of sending out that many resumes.  I always made the interviews I did get count because I consistently crushed it.  I think out of the hundred jobs I applied, I only received about four interviews and of those interviews, I was offered 3 jobs.

But you shouldn’t follow my advice.  Hopefully, if you’re about to graduate from college, you’ve had at least two internships, you’ve been networking, and your building a trail of work you can show employers.  Building the Trail is the most important thing anyone can do, college graduate or not.  That way instead of having to formulate answers to all these interviews and hoping your even picked to be interview in the first place.  Possible collaborators and employers will be interested in working with you based on the Trail you’re already leaving on the internet.

Many people today, leave a trail online but you can choose what type of trail you want to leave.  Do you want a trail of poor decisions and Facebook comments and pictures or do you want to leave a trail of making a difference and taking on challenging projects?  The choice is yours but one of those choices is decidedly easier.  It depends which choice you believe is worth it.

If nothing else, anyone should just take Seth Godin’s advice for the unemployed college kid.