Welcome Back, House of Cards!

House of Cards, one my favorite shows, third season is finally on Netflix. After the kids go to bed, my wife and I will probably spend the weekend trying to binge watch as many episodes as we can.

It’s been a long cold winter and the TV options have been pretty weak other than two surprising comedies in The Goldbergs & Fresh Off The Boat. I know Scandal & How to Get Away With Murder have gotten good reviews but I can’t get into them. The only premium channel I subscribe to is HBO and their lineup has been really weak since Boardwalk Empire ended. I gave Togetherness a chance but it’s been a little too whiney. Girls’ fourth season has been better than the last two but I’ve lost interest. I’d consider canceling HBO if it wasn’t for the return of Game of Thrones & True Detective. I guess they run their popular shows during the summer so customers don’t cancel their subscription when TV viewership is usually low or maybe it’s just a coincidence.

The premier of House of Cards brings a stretch of good TV shows coming back for new seasons. 

  • April 5: Mad Men
  • April 12: Game of Thrones, Veep, & Silicon Valley.
  • Summer 2015: True Detective

Just in time for the weather to warm up and I’ll be spending my time running, swimming, & playing at the park with the kids. I won’t be sitting in the house watching TV.

* Written on my iPhone 5 which is why there is a lack of links. If I get a chance, I might update this post later.