I Like Spotify but I Still Love Songza’s Concierge Feature

I know Spotify lets choose the songs I want to listen to. I know Spotify has almost every artist, except for my current guilty pleasure song Blank Space, which I have to play on YouTube.

I don’t love Spotify, maybe I’m cheap, but I still can’t justify spending $9.99 a month for music I don’t get to own. Especially, when I can go to Songza and Pandora to listen to an endless supply of music for free.

The main feature I like about Spotify is the ability to save your playlists in your mobile device. I want this feature because I’m training for a half marathon and I want to change-up my music, but I don’t want to strap my iPhone to my body for an hour everyday. I’d rather download playlists to my iPod Touch or Shuffle and run all day with some great new music.

The problem with Spotify is that the playlists aren’t great. I don’t know if they’re not great, but they’re not as good as Songza’s playlists or Pandora’s algorithm.  I love Songza’s playlists from Indie Morning, Songs to Raise Your Kids By, and I’m even now listening to an Instrumental Beatles Covers. The best part about Songza is the Concierge feature that gives you different options based on the time of day and what you might be doing. Maybe I’m lazy but I prefer to have premade playlists I can just listen to whenever I want. I don’t want to build my own. I want them prebuilt and ready to go. That’s what Songza gives me and it why I’m not continuing my free trail with Spotify. Now if Songza can figure out how to allow me to download an hour or two of playlists on my iPod then that’s something I’d be willing to pay for.