My Contribution to Ruckusmaker Day

Yesterday, Seth Godin wrote about Ruckusmaker Day which is celebrated for the first time today in honor of Steve Jobs’ birthday.  Seth believes the great thing about Steve Jobs was he wasn’t afraid to state is point of view and then change it later. This sounds easy but many people are more afraid to speak up or step out of line with the status quo.

That’s the essence of Ruckusmaker Day.  Go find a new story, topic, book, or music and state your point of view on the matter.  Seth has inspired me to start this blog and publish a daily blog post. Since December, when I restarted my commitment to publish a post everyday, I’ve written almost three full months of blog posts.  My three month mark will happen at the end of this week, February 28th.  That’s what you can do tomorrow.  Go write a blog post.

I like stating my point of view online through this blog, but as Seth says, in his blog post, it can be offline.  The only thing you need to do with your contribution is share it with someone you think would benefit from it.

Try doing this today in honor of Steve Jobs.  Then the try doing it again tomorrow. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You could create a great habit.