Must Love Data

About a year ago, I wrote about wanting to create a theme for this blog. I thought the theme should be data & code because those are the two topics that have been dominating my life for the past few years. So much so, I decided to get a Master’s degree in Technology because I felt like I needed to learn more. I’ve written about that decision and experience a number of times.

I don’t I want every post to be about data & code, though, someday it might get to that point. For now, I don’t want to constrain myself.  The main point of this blog is to improve my writing by publishing every day. That’s why I want my data & code idea to be a weekly post, similar to Fred Wilson’s, “MBA Mondays.” I call it something like, “Must Love Data Mondays,” where I could write about data and code related topics, issues, experiences, and how they affect Pittsburgh. I think this aligns well with my career experience because I have an understanding about what companies need and how to get it. I could also talk about different issues effecting Pittsburgh and figure out how to make visualizations with code. Even try available free courses in data science and programming online and review them.

I’ve been doing data analytics and analysis for over 8 years. Now I could use my experience to not only educate but also better understand my city.