President Talks Cybersecurity in Re/code Interview

Last week, President Obama was in Silicon Valley at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection talking about, obviously, cybersecurity, technology, and Silicon Valley relations.

I first read about this event on Fred Wilson’s Saturday Video of the Week.  It’s a big event because it’s the first time the president is out speaking about cybersecurity and the how government and industry need to work together.  That fact is most corporate boardrooms are not talking about these issues but I imagine many will be talking about cybersecurity in the next year.  The president is correct in being concerned and it’s good he’s focusing on this issue.  Cybersecurity isn’t going away.  I think it’s one of the main issues we’re facing and it can have a major impact on our country.

All companies need to realize that they are all Technology and Cybersecurity firms now.  They are all vulnerable and if they don’t work together on these issues, create transparency, and acquire the appropriate resources then they will be hurt in the future.

Cybersecurity is an issue for everyone whether you realize it or not.