Dance Like Nobody is Watching

On Sunday, Lisa, the kids, & I meet my mother & stepfather at BRGR, at the Galleria, for lunch. It was a good time, our son had a minor meltdown but other than that it was a good lunch.

When we were about to leave the Galleria, our son was running all over the place, throwing pennies in the fountain, waving to everyone in sight. Then he ran into Anthropologie, where they were playing music. The little guy broke out his patented dance, which is a mixture of throwing his hands in the air and a mom dance. It’s probably an accurate depiction of my dance repertoire, if you add a few moves from the Peanuts Gang. He was busting a move for at least a few minutes while people were walking in and out of the store. Of course we couldn’t leave him hanging so there was a little boy killing it, in the front of Anthropologie, with four adults as his backup dancers.

It might have been the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. Here’s this little guy dancing his butt off for all to see without a care in the world. His only reason is that he loves music and wants to dance. I never want that to change about him. I want him to be whatever he wants, do what he wants, when he wants, as long as he’s not hurting himself or someone else while he’s doing it. I want him to know he can be anything, do anything. This world is for the taking. He’s hit the Ovarian Lottery and he needs to dance like his one year old self in the front of Anthropologie for the rest of his life.

This is my main goal for how I want to raise my kids.

Dance like nobody is watching little guy.