Practicing Gratitude

While I was relistening to Brene Brown’s, the art of vulnerability, and she use of practicing gratitude. Practicing regular gratitude is a key to whole hearted people.

Brene talked about a women whose mother passed away. Her mother used to send these unreadable texts a to her everyday and the women sometimes got annoyed by them. I’ve had a similar experience when my father passed away. My dad used to call everyday and leave a quick message. I’m not going to lie, I would kind of get annoyed by all the messages.

But when he died suddenly, I was left with only photos and voicemails. I still listen to the voicemails because it’s one of the few things I still have with my father’s voice. Those phone calls are the thing I might miss the most. I miss talking on the phone everyday and that I didn’t appreciate the small things like voicemails.