Working On Side Projects

The past few days I’ve been working on a side project to create a website for a non-profit that’s starting for the new year. I was trying to decide how to design this website which would have been my first.  I decided to look at a few options which brought me to two different routes, either host and build the site myself or use Squarespace to build the site.  To host and build the site on my own, I was thinking about using AfterBurst to host the foundations website and then using something line to build the site.  The other option was to sign up for a Squarespace account and build the site on through one of their templates.

AfterBurst is the less expensive plan with its lowest plan being $7.50 a month.  Squarespace Personal plan is $10 but the unlimited plan is $20 but I’d probably be able to set up a functional website in a day which is much quicker than if I built the site from the ground up.  Another positive of Squarespace is that I won’t be the one maintaining this site.  If it was my own site I’d like the experience of learning to build and site and have control over everything.  I think it’s important to allow the owner of this site to be able to easily maintain & update this site. Squarespace comes with 14 day free trial so there isn’t much to lose by trying out the site. This gives me an opportunity to play around with the site and see if it gives this foundation the tools it needs to get moving as quickly as possible.

I’ll let you know the end result.