Does Anyone Know the True Meaning of Christmas?

Linus’ Speech

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for the people and circumstances in your life. Christmas is about giving. Even though, A Charlie Brown Chrsitmas, was complaining about the commercialization of Christmas back in 1965.

We all spend so much time and money on the people we love and care about.  That’s great but I think Christmas should be about more than number of gifts you received .  It should be about the giving back to individuals and charities. Imagine if everyone donated some time, knowledge and experience, or a portion of the amount we spend on Christmas gifts.  I know many people always talk about these goals about how we should donate more but this Christmas I’m going to go do it.  Many of you may know that I’m raising money for the American Heart Association as a charity runner on Crowdrise.  On Christmas I’m going to find a few Crowdrise fundraisers and donate. I’m thinking about five donations.

I already complete one of these donations today.  I donated to a former coworker‘s Pittsburgh Half Marathon Charity Runner goal to raise $1,000 to fight Neuropathy. 1 down and four to go.

On Christmas, I’m going to get into the spirit of giving.