Upping My Game For Dad

Dad & I after the 10 & 11 year old championship game

I’ve decided to raise my Pittsburgh Half Marathon fundraising goal to $2,000 for Team American Heart Association (AHA) which is in honor of my father.  My goal was the minimum to compete in the event.  This was much to low, since we were able to exceed that amount in almost a day.

There are two main reasons I want to increase my goal to $2,000.  First, my father was never one to let me settle for the minimum requirement in anything I tried to achieve.  I should make it a challenging goal, and $2,000 is more money than I’ve ever raised before.  In all honesty, $400 was more than I ever raised for any charity.  The new goal will make this charity runner fundraiser the largest on Team AHA.

For every $1 raised, the American Heart Association will give $3 to the Pittsburgh community in the form of research grants. Which means we will be bring $6,000 back to Pittsburgh instead of only $1,200.

The second reason is time. There are still 131 days until the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  That’s plenty of time to raise the $1,380 to complete this goal. We can achieve this goal if we complete any one of the following:

  • If 138 people each donate the minimum of $10.
  • If 11 people started donating $1 a day until race day on May 3,2015.
  • If 22 people donated $5 a mile for 13.1 miles

Other ways to achieve this goal are based on great Crowdrise promotions which I only recently found out about.  Registration is automatic for anyone who donates enough money by the expiration date. Check out the Crowdrise Promotions HERE.  If you’ve already donated then you are registered depending on the amount you contributed:

iPad Promo

  • If 63 people donate $22 by March 3, 2015 they will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win an iPad and a rubber band.

Super Spicy Sauce

  • If 82 people donate $17 by January 13 2015 they will be entered in a drawing  for a chance to win some super spicy hot sauce.

Get a GoPro

  • If 52 people donate $27 by January 13, 2015 they will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a GoPro.

Get a Massage

  • If 60 people donate $23 by January 13, 2015 they will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a $500 dollars.

Any single one of those ideas can take this fundraiser past its $2,000 goal. The only thing this campaign needs is your help.  If you donate $27 by January 13, 2015, then you’ll be automatically entered into each promotion.

If you’ve already donated then thank you. You’re awesome. The names of all donors, unless you chose to be anonymous, are listed on the crowd rise fundraiser page.  Go thank them for helping the AHA stop heart disease and stroke. Please share this fundraise with anyone you think would be interested and remember IYDGBNOWLY.

You can donate to #RunForDad on my Crowdrise page HERE.

You can read more about why I #RunForDad HERE.

A note about Offline Donations:

I recommend making all donations through Crowdrise, but offline donations can also be made. Offline Donations can be sent directly to the American Heart Association’s Pittsburgh Office. Please make all checks payable to the American Heart Association and address your donation as below:

444 Liberty Avenue
Suite 1300
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Attn: Corey Keller-PGH Marathon

After the AHA receives your donation, they will update my Crowdrise fundraiser so it can be counted towards the goal and you can be showered in glory as one of the amazing people who helped the AHA stop the #1 and #4 killers of Americans: Heart disease and stroke.