I’m a Sluggard

Sluggard: noun. a lazy, sluggish person.

I’m a sluggard.

I love procrastinating and wasting time.  I could probably be a professional time waster.  Give me HBO GO and some snacks and I can waste time with the best of them.  Back in high school and college, it would have been EA’s NCAA Football or Grand Theft Auto. Don’t get me wrong play is important, but there is a fine line you walk between playtime and wasting time.

It’s why I work hard on improving my productivity by setting up morning & nightly routines, logging my projects into Evernote, setting reminders, keeping an updated calendar, waking up at 4:50AM, and working on my main goals using the Pick Four Program. All of these tasks are about creating long term habits.  I have morning & nightly routines to take the thought out of the those times when I’m tired and maybe not thinking straight.  I’ve worked to make those habits automatic.  It easy to mindlessly zone out on the couch watching TV at night or hitting the snooze button in the morning.  These routines help me complete my daily goals.  They help me get out of bed at 4:50AM in December to complete my writing and then go outside, before dawn, to run in the 20 degree morning.

I love being a sluggard, but I can’t let that love lull me into its trap and interrupt the work I need to accomplish.  It’s okay to zone out in front of HBO or spend some time with my old friend PS3.  It’s actually healthy, go listen to Brene Brown to find out why.  I just can’t let it dictate my future.