Are You That Boy on the Tonight Show? Yuck!

There’s a line a woman in the antique shop said to Steve Martin after the first time he thought he killed it on the Tonight Show, a night when Johnny Carson loved his appearance and Sammy Davis Jr hugged him.  The next day Steve ran into this women at the antique store, she actually recognized him, and let him know that she hated his appearance last night.

This sequence of events is from one of my favorite audiobooks, Steve Martin’s, “Born Standing Up.” If you’ve never read or listened to it, then go buy it now.  It’s filled with lessons for anyone interested in success.  Lessons to live by life, dealing with failing more than you’ll succeed, don’t try to please everybody, be original, follow your passion, be a student, work on your craft, live the life you imagined is all in this wonderful book which is also narrated by Steve. Flat out one of the best books about an artist’s rise and fall of success.

The main lesson from Steve’s interaction with the lady in the antique shop after the Tonight Show appearance is the same reason Seth Godin tells readers to turn off comments on his blog due to his experience with critics.  Comments are great if they’re positive, but one bad comment can ruin a great experience like killing it on the Tonight Show.  Comments good or bad can get in the way what’s really important, creating more art.  It’s why I didn’t have comments on this blog because right now I don’t need comments.  I need more drips, more art.