If Failing is Cool, Consider Me Miles Davis!

“Failure is an event, not a person.  Yesterday ended last night.”

– Zig Ziglar, Week 2 / Day 1

Today, I’m talking about failure. The above quote hits home for me. I hold on to failure. For a long time, I couldn’t let it go. If I had a little bit of failure in my life, then I would obsess over it. Failure would set me up for more failure. Instead of learning from it, I dwelled on it. It caused me to be afraid of failure which made me play it safe. The problem with playing it safe is that it’s another form of failure, because you’re not growing and that’s the worst kind of failure.

That’s why the above quote is a great lesson for me, to take life one day at a time. I don’t have time hold on to one failure. One goal not achieved during the day is not an excuse to give up and not complete my goals for the next day. Failure is not an excuse to fail today. Yesterday is over. Today, I need to get back to achieving my goals. Dwelling on the failures of yesterday will solve nothing. It’s time to focus on today. What can we accomplish?