When The System Breaks Down, I Break Down.

“When the machine breaks down, we break down.”

– Sgt. Barnes, Platoon

My world my productivity is based on systems.  I try not to make these systems to complicated.  The goal is to use the KISS method of Kiss It Simple Stupid.  Similar to the great quote from the Big Lebowski, “If a plan gets too complex something always goes wrong.”

It’s the way I need to handle my goals.  I have three big systems, Pick Four, YNAB, and Evernote. I use the Pick Four method to track my four most important goals.  Everyday I fill out my daily goals and work to complete something towards them.  At the end of this day I always spend some time before bed writing down my accountability.Listing what I accomplished towards that goal. YNAB is an abbreviation for, You Need A Budget, which sells a great system to help my wife and I stay on our budget.  Evernote handles all my projects and tasks in my life.  A few months ago, I implemented the Getting Things Done system.  I use Evernote to hold all my projects and tasks by using GTD.

These systems are working well but the reason the work is based in on thing I do every week.  The most important part of any productivity system is the review. The review is the key to any system.

I use Sunday as my review day.  I spend sometime, usually in the evening, looking over my Pick Four goals, the past week, and my plan for the upcoming week.  I go over our YNAB budget with my wife so we both understand how much money we have and what bills we still need to pay. Lastly, I review my Evernote account to what projects I accomplished, what are my next actions, what I need to accomplish or add for next week, and if my priorities have changed.

If I don’t complete this review each week then my system breaks down.  I end up not accomplishing what I set out to achieve.  I’m not working towards my goals, I get off track with our budget, and I lose track of my important tasks.  With the review, I get lost.  Without it, I’m like the above quote, “When the system breaks down, I break down.”