The Height of Your Success

“The height of a man’s success is determined by the depth of his belief.”

Zig Ziglar (Week 1 / Day 3)

How high will my success be? Zig believes it will be as high as the depth of my belief.  I think about and deal with Resistance. Steve Pressfield’s War of Art talks about the resistance being the biggest obstacle in the way of creating your art. The resistance restrains the height of your success.  Whenever, I decide to take a risk, resistance keeps nagging me to quite.

If your belief isn’t strong then the resistance will swallow you up.  You should act like Hemingway in the Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris, when he states,“If you’re a writer then declare yourself the best writer.” Not having confidence will get you nowhere.  If you have an idea for a startup, project, or new group at your company then have confidence to declare it.  If you can’t motivate yourself, how will you ever motivate anyone else?

I think more people need to realize this connection.  You have the ability to choose the height of your own success.  You only need to believe.