Fifth Pick Four Program

“Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.  It’s the destination in which you are traveling.” – Zig Ziglar (Week 1/ Day 1)

Today is the start of my fifth Pick Four Program.  If you’re not familiar with the Pick Four Process, it’s based on Zig Ziglar’s Goals Program.  I use the Pick Four notebook published by Seth Godin’s Domino Project.  The Pick Four notebook walks you through a few brainstorming techniques that help you figure out your top four goals that you will want to achieve in the next twelve weeks. 

After figuring out your four goals, you need to write out your plan to achieve each goal, which includes the benefits of reaching this goal, skills or knowledge required to achieve this goal, major obstacles and mountains to climb to reach this goal, individuals and organizations needed to help me reach this goal, and the plans for achieving this goal.  I spent the last week figuring out my goals and coming up with a plan. 

The rest of the notebook is left for you to fill out.  It has twelve weeks with two sheets for each weekday, designed to write out your daily goals and accomplishments.  I like to start my morning by writing out my Pick Four goals for the day.  Then I place the notebook underneath my pillow, so at night I’ll remember to fill out what I completed during the day.  I’ve done four Pick Four notebooks, and during the first three, I had a difficult time sticking with the program until I started using the pillow tip from Zig Ziglar.  

This program works and it’s been on the most important habits I’ve implemented.  I’ve used this plan to start writing everyday, started learning to program, completed my master degree, found a new job, organized our personal finances, ran a marathon, and figured out how to make my wife’s dream of staying home full time with our kids, a reality.

My goals for my fifth Pick Four program our the following:  

Goal 1

Is to increase my monthly income to a specific amount to allow my family to live the type of life they want and deserve.  It’s not that my family really wants for anything, but during the last Pick Four program, my main goal was to make enough money to give my family the option of having my wife raise our child full-time.  To do this, I raised my income by finding a new job and we cut back our monthly expenses.  Now I want to focus on increasing our monthly income to give us some more discretionary and investing income.

Goal 2

Is to pay off a specific amount of debt.  During the my last Pick Four notebook, my wife and I did a good job of organizing our finances and setting up a system to keep us on track with our new budget.  Now, we want to focus on becoming debt free.  These next twelve weeks is about following through with that system.  This means making sure we perform our weekly reviews, enter our receipts into YouNeedABudget (YNAB), and make spending decisions based on our budget.

Goal 3

Is to sign up to be a Pittsburgh Half Marathon Charity Runner for the American Heart Association in honor of my father who passed away almost three years ago from a heart attack.  This is something I’ve been wanting to achieve for a few years.  In the next twelve weeks, I’m going to sign up as a charity runner, start training, and figure out how to raise the money to cover my $400 minimum donation amount for AHA Charity Runners.  

Goal 4

My fourth and final goal is to publish a blog post everyday of the Pick Four program.  My plan is to wake up early every morning to write for an hour about my goals, edit my post as I have time through out the day, and schedule the post to be published at 6 AM the next morning.  I want to concentrate on performing this process everyday to help build the habit of shipping my work on a daily basis.

I’m looking forward to working on these goals for the next twelve weeks and achieving each of the goal goals I’ve set.  I’ll be writing every morning with the goal of posting something by 6 AM the next morning and to continue this process for at least the next twelve weeks. 

I love today’s quote because it gives the highly motivated person a bit of satisfaction.  When I think of success, I think about reaching the end of the goal.  I think of accomplishments, but this goal reminds you that success is not about reaching the top of the mountain.  It’s not about reaching your goal; it’s about traveling towards your destination. This blog post is my version of success.