Getting back on the horse.

I tried to start a blog on Tumblr but I’m reconsidering that decision now. I think I’m going to make this my main blog. I recently read Seth Godin’s blog post, . I’m trying to work toward being able to answer all the questions he asks in the blog post. The first one was point us to your website. Currently, I just had a basic blog with not much detail. My goal in the next week is to get a website up and running that has all the information I want people to know about me and links to other information like my blog, social media, about me, goals, or projects. I’m hoping to have this site up by Sunday and their will be a link to this blog. From today on. I’m going to be posting something everyday whether it’s a full post, a picture with some text, or even one sentence. I just want to get into the habit of updating this blog on a daily basis.