Twelve Grown Men Staring at a Piece of Cardboard

Tonight, I spent most of the night with a group of old high school friends staring at a piece of cardboard with our leagues’ draft board duct taped to it. Drafting NFL players for our fantasy football teams. Afterwards a bunch of grown men stand around and rosterbate about how good and bad each other’s teams ended up. In every group it’s a similar range of reactions. From confidant & boasting, about their great draft & all the steals they got in whatever round, to the melancholy, thinking about what they should of, could of, or would of done, to the dejected.

The Sunday after next, we’ll all be sitting around our TVs rooting for our hometown but secretly only caring about our fantasy players doing well and not getting injured.

Family, Football, & Food. It’s why Sunday’s are my favorite day of the week again.