iSchool Recognition Ceremony

Today, I attended my graduate program’s summer graduation recognition ceremony, which was held at the University of Pittsburgh’s O’Hara Student Center. I debated even going. On Thursday, I was planning to meet some former coworkers at a happy hour but it ended up being canceled because they had better options. So I decided to go to the iSchool Recognition Ceremony and have wife & son meet me, after work. I’m glad I decided to go and especially happy to have our son attend. Even if he won’t remember it, he got to see his dad graduate.  The best part of the event didn’t have anything to do with the ceremony.  It was when I was sitting in the front of the room and my wife & son were in the back.  I could here my son start to fuss, which made me turn around and see my wife walking toward the back of the room to try to settle him down.  My wife & I exchanged a smile; it was a moment only two people in love can understand. It was one of those moments when all I could see was a smile from my wife but we knew exactly what each other were thinking. 

The moments I’ll remember from this event will be walking in right before the start, setting my bags down, kissing my wife & son before being sent to a separate room with all the other graduates, hearing my son whine, exchanging a smile with my wife, and my son lunging to hug me after the ceremony was over.  Then we all went to Union Pig & Chicken in East Liberty for BBQ were my son proceeded to eat half our mac & cheese, a chicken wing, corn on the cob, and part of our quarter chicken.

It’s been a long three years since I’ve started this program.  A lot of major events have happened in my life, which have altered it forever.  I’m excited in what the future holds because it will be what I make out of it.  I’m planning to fill it up with major accomplishments, like completing a master’s degree, and tiny moments, like watching my son smile. While always remembering that these tiny moments, which fly by in a blink of an eye, are what life is all about.  Capture them, remember them, and never miss an opportunity to create them.