Implementing David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Five Stages of Mastering Workflow

  1. Collect things that command our attention.
  2. Process what they mean and what to do about them.
  3. Organize the results.
  4. Review as options for what we choose to
  5. Do

What I need to do tonight to start implementing the system?

  • Look for an inbox (Do I have one at home? Do I need to buy one at Target?)
  • Empty my dead time folder of everything that can be completed in less than two minutes.
  • Create a sometime / maybe folder in our filing cabinet (place everything I’d like to do but is not a top priority into this folder.)
  • Throw everything away that I don’t need to file or shred.
  • Throw all magazines away which are older than two months.
  • Place all my loose papers I’ve been meaning to go through into the inbox.
  • Make Sunday my inbox day.  Clear my inbox every week. Similar to the way I take the trash out every Thursday.

Side Note:

I completed a half-hour weightlifting circuit workout. Day 1 of 100 #100daysofmovement