Yesterday, I read heyamberrae‘s post about her goal of completing 100 Days of Movement.  She challenged not only herself but others to get the courage to commit themselves to a goal of moving everyday.  

I immediately connected with this goal because, on Friday, I started a similar goal which was to Move (& Sweat), a title I took from a different heyamberrae post, everyday.  I started this goal by going to the gym, Friday night, for a weightlifting. Saturday, I ran the 50 steps, 10 times, which are down the street from my house. Sunday, I relaxed with a long walk with my son and dog, Beans, and spent the rest of the day chasing our almost one year old crawling/walking son all over our house. 

I can’t say everyday I’ll complete a traditional workout like weightlifting, running, swimming, biking, etc.  But I will figure out ways to Move (& Sweat)  for the next 100 Days of Movement.

Day 1 of 100 #100daysofmovement